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Why pay more than you need!
For £99 per month you can avail of our Premium Listing Package which allows your business to be presented to searching tenants, first.

Traffic Analysis

When your account is opened you can view the traffic visiting your adverts, property by property. This detailed analysis allows you to make informed choices from accurate and factual information which is always at your fingertips.

Unlimited Property Uploads

At Ezylet we don’t restrict you from showcasing your business, and impose extra fees and charges for doing so. In fact we encourage you to upload company logos accreditations and as many photographs as you like. Anything you decide that will benefit your business is included in our low price.

Ezylet Partners Club

As a stakeholder in our business, participants who subscribe to the annual listing with Ezylet will automatically be offered the option to participate in the Ezylet Partners Club. Here you will be provided with access to a private forum where members can make suggestions and requests to our technical and business teams. This will help us develop products and services that will enhance our business and your investment. Try us - We are good at listening


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Advertise with Ezylet today for a quick and easy way to rent your property.

You can try out our service for FREE with our 14 day listing plan.

Once you're happy then you can simply upgrade your account to one of our paid services to gain access to all the advanced features of the site.

More Visibility, Better Results!

Both our Gold and Platinum packages include Featured Listings which means your properties will show at the top of the search results in your area.
This gives your property maximum exposure to prospective tenants.

Do you own more than one property?

If you select our Platinum Package you will get unlimited property uploads so you can advertise each of your rental properties as they become available during the year at no added charge.

Trades & Services

Advertise with us today

From time to time everybody needs expert help when an emergency happens.

Ezylet uniquely provides a "one stop shop" for all trades and services to be listed along side property adverts, and displayed in a map view so you can easily see the proximity of your potential customers.

This is a unique opportunity for business to promote themselves and their services to many landlords and tenants.

Free trial available

Why not try it its free to list your business. (free promotion for a limited time)