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The Ezylet Property Portal is the perfect opportunity for estate agents across the UK to showcase their expertise and reach tenants and landlords.

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Competitive fees

When you join Ezylet as an agent, you will pay just £695 per branch, per year, and after 3 years benefit from no agent advertising fees whatsoever.


To help keep track of the properties you list on Ezylet, we will provide you with regular and detailed property statistics for each branch.

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Rent Guarantor

Our partners, Housing Hand Guarantee process works because it is simple. All perspective tenants fill in their quick application form, and they will give them a decision in minutes if they qualify.

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Tenant referencing

Here at Ezylet, we know that renting your property to a perfect stranger can be stressful, that’s why we do everything that we can to help you find out more about your potential tenants.

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