5 Roomies to Avoid

The best way to ensure shared rental success, is to live with a bunch of like-minded souls you enjoy being around and don’t mind sharing a loo seat with.

Of course, looking for a new or replacement roomie can be a minefield all of it’s own (and a topic for another MUCH longer post too), but we’ve put together a quick check-list of five roomies to avoid and how to spot them.

1: The one with the dodgy hygiene

Okay, so this one is always going to be kind of obvious. Forgiving a long day at work and a lengthy stint on public transport, we can all normally sniff out those with a poor sense of personal hygiene. Tell-tale whiffs and a dirt line around the neck all point to the kind of housemate you probably don’t want to be sharing with...

2. The one with the dodgy friends

Everyone is entitled to spend their free time with anyone they so choose, but keep an ear out during the first meeting, for too many mentions of ‘my mate Dave’, or ‘my bongo-playing troupe’. Such seemingly innocent phrases may well signal the permanent arrival of Dave and the bongo-playing group in your living room EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

3. The one with the dodgy lifestyle

Again, this one should be easy to spot as they normally come with an easily identifiable dress code. You, of course, are a well-adjusted individual with a kicking social life and a great set of sane and brilliant friends. Do you really want to be warned of the dangers of inorganic quinoa, or badgered into daily deep yoga? Do you want to be scorned for your conventional fashion sense and boring job? Do you?!

4. The one with the dodgy employment

The key to perfect harmony and a solid roof over your head, is to pay your rent and pay your bills. Simple. Beware the prospective tenant who claims to be ‘temping’, or ‘freelancing’ shudder... Both of these words point toward someone who may well not have enough to pay their share of the gas bill or even the rent. Having to cover another grown-up you hardly know is never going to end well – for you or your sanity.

5. The one with the pet

I’ve kept this one for last as this is the most dangerous of them all. Beware that cute kitten or the pup with the adorable big eyes. Even stay on guard for the cage-bound hamster who sleeps all day and gets up to its high-jinx at night. Yes, that roommate who comes with the pet is exactly the one to avoid. Aside from the fact that most landlords specify no pets, you could end up with a whole set of responsibilities you didn’t sign up for. Feeding little Rover of Cutie the cat may well be fun the first once or twice but when it’s you forking out for a new bag of little or a juicy bone for Tiddles, don’t come running to me.

And there you have it, a complete list of roomies to avoid and the tell-tale signs to look out for. Easy-peasy.

Happy sharing!