5 Ways to Personalise your Rented Flat

With a booming generation of renters, more and more of us feel the everyday frustration of not being able to make our house truly our home.

To show you what you can do, we’ve put together five ways you can personalise rented accommodation without damaging the property or losing your deposit.


If you’re in the market for investing in some key pieces of furniture, opt for modular items like sofas and so on. This means that wherever you move, you can arrange your own great-looking furniture to suit the new space. There is nothing worse than a corner sofa wedged into a room the wrong way round. When deciding on your kitchen table, many stores offer foldable and extendable tables that can be a great solution to decorating your rented place.


Think small: rugs, cushion covers, throws, eye-popping items like vases – pieces like these can move as often as you do and will always make you feel at home. Never underestimate the power of great accessories to make a real home design statement. A bright pop of colour or a series of objects in a uniform colour tone really work well to draw your ‘look’ together. The benefit of home accessories is that they are relatively affordable and can be a great budget-friendly option too.

Wall decoration

These days there are lots of options for removable wall decoration that won’t damage your walls. People do all sorts of imaginative things with multi-purpose Washi tape, but there are also posters and prints, vinyl stickers and even removable temporary wallpaper. Why not make a feature wall by opting for some removable wall stickers? They come in all sorts of designs and colours with enough variety to suit any taste and budget. Leaning framed posters, prints and photos casually against walls or grouped together also make for a contemporary style – and mean you don’t have to knock any holes in your walls.


Plants and herbs not only look gorgeous, but they’re also great for your health and well-being too. Plants cheer you up with their calming colour but they also help to clean the air around you by absorbing all sorts of nasties and breathing out fresh O2. Growing herbs on your kitchen counter or along a windowsill not only looks great but also means you can snip bits off as you cook.


Great lighting is the single most important thing when it comes to establishing the mood of your home. Shades, table lamps and floor lamps are inexpensive and can make a massive difference when it comes to the overall look of a room. Go for design continuation or make each room individual – great lighting travels with you and comes in all manner of styles and colour-ways.

So, there you have it, five ways to transform your rented home with cheap and easy home furnishings. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, know you have lots of options when it comes to decorating – with no threat to your deposit at all.