Concerned about home security? How to keep your home and property secure and safe

Keeping yourself, your family and to a lesser extent your personal property safe is really what homes were invented for.

They need protection, not just from the elements, but from thieves, criminals, and anyone who would do them harm or take them from you. But how good a job is your home doing in that regard? How would it fare if it were a target for thieves?  

According to Police.UK, homes are five times as likely to be burgled if they have no security measures in place. That means that you can cut your risk to 1/5th by just taking a few precautions. We have assembled a list of some of the easiest and most effective security measures below.

  1. Be seen to be secure. It is not enough to secure your home, you should make most of your security obvious. Thieves will generally skip over houses which have obvious protection, seeking out easier targets.
    1. Make sure all your windows and doors have visible locks, or are of a relatively modern UPVC type (known to have internal locks).
    2. Get motion-sensitive security lighting, and possibly CCTV coverage of potential access points.
    3. Arrange to have your papers, mail and packages picked up when you go on holiday, to make it less obvious that you will not be home for a time.
  2. Observe basic security precautions every time you leave the house – no exceptions.
    1. Never leave windows open when no one is home, not even on upper floors.
    2. Avoid storing expensive goods in external sheds, and lock all outbuildings with high quality padlocks.
    3. Do not leave a spare key hidden in an obvious place, or better yet don’t hide one at all.
  3. Consider having a security alarm system professionally installed.

A modern alarm system can alert sleeping residents that a burglary attempt is taking place, or even make enough noise that neighbours will call the police in your absence. Many thieves will abandon a break-in attempt as soon as an alarm goes off.

Many newer alarm systems will also notify either security services or the police directly if an alarm is triggered, and not silenced with a proper code soon after.

Of course, not every method can be enacted in every home. The important thing is that you adopt those methods that work for you, your family and your lifestyle. Stay safe!

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