Cosy Big Spaces: How to Make a Large Room Cosier

Most of the time, we don't complain about rooms being too large. But sometimes large rooms can present challenges, and one of these can be that the room does not feel cosy enough.

So if you are renting a property with large rooms, how can you make them feel cosier? Here are some simple tips you can implement that can make all the difference.

Go Heavy on Rugs and Curtains

A simple way to make your large room feel cosier is to add lots of textiles. From thick curtains that go right down to the floor, to cosy rugs that feel luxurious on bare feet and soft throws over your sofa and chairs, textiles instantly make a room feel warmer.

Lower the Ceilings

Okay, you can’t physically lowering the ceilings. But you can use a few tricks to make those high cavernous ceilings feel a bit lower.

One option is to paint the walls only part of the way up to create two-tone walls. These have the effect of tricking the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than they are. You could also hang some artwork lower down the walls to draw the eye down and have the same effect.

Another option is to fill up all that empty space high up in the room by adding some tall plants that stretch up high. These are also effective if you have an empty corner in need of filling.

Define Your Zones

One big space can feel too empty, so divide your room up by defining smaller zones. This can be done with the help of a screen, which won't affect the flow of the room but will help to create the feeling of a distinct space.

Don't Leave Large Empty Wall Spaces

Large empty spaces on the walls are not great when you are trying to create a cosier feel. To avoid this, make sure you fill any big blank spaces. You could hang a painting, place a small table against the wall, add some photos or anything else you can think of to make the space feel more used.

Decorate with Darker Colours

You might want to consider painting the room with darker colours. This is a simple way to make it feel smaller, but make sure you don't go overboard with this so that you get the cosy effect without it feeling too dark. For example, you could add some lighter accents or ensure the room gets lots of natural light.

Cosy Up Your Large Rooms

Any of these tips can be used to make a large room feel smaller and cosier, so have a think about which ones might work for your home. You can use some of them or all of them to get the effect you are after, and then you can enjoy a cosier feel to your room, which you will appreciate once the days start getting colder.