Ezylet Cleaning Guide – The Oven

We all promise ourselves that we’re going to do this clean right, and get our deposit back this time. And we do really well, putting all the effort into it that we should... until we come to the oven.

Unless you’re the sort who cleans there oven every few weeks, it is probably black with baked-on carbon inside. I know mine is. A spray of oven cleaner and a wipe down with kitchen roll isn’t going to do the job this time.

Here are a few tips for making sure you leave that oven as good as (or better than) you found it:

  1. Start by removing the door. Most ovens have quick-releases, and you can’t really get into all the nooks and crannies with the door attached.
  2. Get the type of heavy-duty cleaning kit that comes with plastic bags to place the racks in, and follow the instructions religiously. Those chemicals are dangerous.
  3. Before you use the cleaning solution, use a scraper and some steel scouring pads to get all the black crust and carbon up. This part demands elbow-grease!
  4. Next, preheat the oven slightly. I recommend only heating it to around 60oC. Any more could be dangerous. Make sure you do this before adding the cleaner.
  5. Turn off the oven at the mains switch after it warms.
  6. Follow the directions of your cleaning chemical, and be sure to follow its safety guidelines. If it doesn’t say to use gloves, it isn’t strong enough for an end-of-tenancy clean.
  7. You may need cotton buds do get into all of the cracks and crevices. Trust me, you’ll want to.
  8. After cleaning, wipe the inside and outside down with a wet microfiber cloth, and then a second time with a dry one.
  9. Finish up with a polish. If the oven has a stainless steel finish, use a specialty stainless stee l polish.
  10. Now for the door. Scrape away any excess or flaky material.
  11. Spray the door with a degreaser (or the same oven cleaner you just used) and leave it to sit for an hour or so.
  12. Use a steel scouring pad to remove any remaining residue.
  13. Use a good glass cleaner to clean the window, and any other glass parts.
  14. Reattach the door, but leave it halfway open, inviting inspection. You just did a lot of hard work – make sure they appreciate it!