Hiring a good kitchen fitter on a budget

Thinking of having a new kitchen fitted? Choosing the best one can be tricky, but this guide will help you find the best company for the job at a price you can afford.

First thing, this isn’t about finding the cheapest kitchen fitter – it’s about getting good work done on a budget. The least expensive fitter might do more harm than good, and could cost you a LOT of money.

Consider using your supplier’s preferred fitters

Whether you bought your kitchen pieces’ direct from a supplier or through a contractor, they will know people in the industry, and will have worked closely with kitchen fitters in your area. They don’t like working with cowboys any more than you would, and can offer some valuable recommendations.

If sourcing your own fitter, insist on a specialist kitchen fitter.

It may be tempting to go with a Jack of All Trades, but using the wrong materials or leaving the tile cutting to a generalist will almost always yield poor results.

Look for customer reviews

Like any tradesman, a kitchen fitter will have strengths and weaknesses. Every website will claim expertise in all areas, but customer reviews are more telling. See what skills are specifically praised, and choose one who can do exactly what you need.

Even more telling is the absence of any reviews or feedback. That most likely means that the fitter either does not have as much experience as they would like you to believe, or they don’t have any customer reviews that are fit to publish. Best avoid them.

Make sure they are certified!

Unsightly installation is one thing, but kitchen fitting involves gas, electricity and water – three things that have little tolerance for error. Only use a kitchen fitter who is Gas Safe registered if they will be doing gas work, and only accept ‘Part P’ qualified electricians.

Also, insist on a completion certificate for nay electrical Work, and only accept it once the work is done properly.

Look for location-based comparison sites

There are a lot of websites out there that can offer listings, feedback and price comparison for kitchen fitters in your area. One good example is


Remember, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Make sure it is fitted properly!