How to be a responsible pet owner in a rental property

One of the biggest concerns amongst landlords is whether or not to allow their tenants to have pets within their rental home. For renters with pets finding a property which allows pets can be one of the hardest tasks as most landlords are unwilling to take pets into their properties and those that do often demand much larger deposits than if you rent without pets.

It is because of this that many pets have to be given up to animal shelters. While it can be frustrating to have to pay extra either in a deposit or on a monthly basis it is unlikely you will get anywhere by trying to argue to point further.

First things first; make sure your rental agreement says you can have a pet. Before laying out deposits or even worse, before purchasing a pet, you will want to ensure your rental agreement says you can have a pet or at the very least does not state “no pets allowed”. You can always contact your landlord or letting agency for more information and to ensure that have a pet is ok by everyone, but most importantly it must be written in your lease. If you have rented with a pet before you might want to consider asking a previous landlord for a letter of recommendation as well as providing proof from your vets proving that all vaccinations are up to date.

It really does depend on what pet you have but space can be a huge issue in rental properties. Ensure before you rent that your pet is going to have enough space to roam around in. Many cat owners are choosing to keep their cats indoors now, so be sure your home is big enough and has plenty to entertain your cat (although we all know they will just spend all day sleeping anyway) and keep them occupied inside. If you are a dog owner you will also want to consider the size of your rental property. If you live in a flat it is important to take into consideration your neighbours and whether your dog will be home alone during the day. While you might think that during the day noise is not so worrying many people nowadays work shifts so it is important to be mindful at all times.

One of the biggest problems landlords fear from pet-owning tenants is that their property will go through more wear and tear than it would without pets. Of course that is unfair as most pet owners are very conscientious and will keep their property in immaculate condition and it is a select few who ruin it for everyone. Something else you might want to consider is how to keep your property odour free. For cats getting them neutered/spayed is not only responsible for the growing number of strays and cats needed homes, but will also stop spraying and marking within the home. Also place litter boxes away from the hustle and bustle of the house in fairly secluded spots. Consistent hoovering, cleaning and keeping bedding washed regularly will go a long way to keeping your home pet odour free. If you have a dog keep them bathed (however do not try this with a cat, they will not thank you for it).


Having pets does not have to be difficult, just follow these few simple tips to keep your rental experience with pets stress-free and blissful.


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