How to Make A Rental Property Feel Like Home

Although renting a property can be an exciting decision, one of the downsides is being limited with how you style your home. Depending on your landlord and contract, you may not be able to choose your own wallpaper or paint your interiors, so how can you put your personal stamp on the property you’re residing in. Here, we take a look at how you can make your rental property feel like home.

Make it your own

Even though you may have limits as to what you can do with your property, remember that this property is your home and you can use your interiors to represent your personal style. While you may not be able to paint or wallpaper your interiors, use homeware and accessories to really make your rental property feel like your home.

Customise your lighting

One thing you can change is the lighting in your property. That is, any lampshades that are not to your personal taste. You may want to replace lampshades with your own style, as well as adding standalone lamps and fairy lights to compliment your interiors.

Decorate your walls

Adding pictures and prints to your walls can really transform your interiors. You may want to create a gallery wall or add photographs sparingly. Either way, using prints is an affordable way to make your home feel like your own. If you’re on a budget then try creating your own prints via a free online Photoshop program and then printing them out and placing them in cheap photo frames. If you’re creating a gallery wall, just remember to fill in any holes when you leave your property.

Purchase statement pieces

Purchasing statement pieces of furniture will help to create the main centrepiece of a room. These pieces may include a table, chairs or even a bookcase. Furniture is a great way to make a homely environment, and to add your personality to a property.

Add a pop of colour

If your rental property is decorated in neutral tones then add a pop of colour in the form of curtains, cushions, rugs or accessories. Adding a few bright shades can create warmth and a contemporary feel, resulting in a more homely feel.

Cover bland flooring with a large rug

While most renters would love hardwood flooring, not every property will have that luxury. To cover bland flooring, use a large rug to cover this area. A rug can add brightness to a room, so opt for bold tones or pastel shades, depending on the overall feel of the room.

Use greenery

Incorporating greenery into your home will add freshness. If you have the budget, purchase plants and flowers to provide natural texture, however, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, faux flowers and plants can look just as appealing.

Use bold bedding

To brighten a bedroom, use patterned bedding and throws to add texture and modernity. A bed can be the focal point of a bedroom, so think bold and big to make a statement.

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