How to prepare your home movers pack: A seller’s guide

When it comes to selling your property there can be a whole host of documents you will need to be aware of that you will need to send to your solicitor or conveyancer. Knowing what you need will help speed up the process (hopefully!) and ensure that when your solicitors or conveyancer asks you are ready to provide them with the documentation that they need.

EPC Certificate

You will need to obtain an EPC (an Energy Performance Certificate) prior to putting your property on the market. An EPC is required by law when you are selling your home, and you, as the current homeowner are responsible for this. You will more than likely find that your estate agent will provide this service but it is when you talk to them about putting your home on the market. An EPC will rate your homes performance as per energy used per square metre of floor, energy efficiency based on fuel costs and the environmental impact based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. There are seven ratings from A (the best) to G (the worst) and will show the current energy efficiency rating of the property but also includes what rating the property has the potential to have.

Alterations, Planning, Building Control, Guarantee’s & Warrantees                                   

If any major building work which has been carried out on the property you will need to provide copies of them, for example if you have built an extension, a driveway, had a loft conversion or even new windows. Any notices which affect the property, such as planning permissions will also need to be provided. You will also need to provide guarantees or warrantees which relate to work which has been carried out such as new windows or double glazing.

Rights of way/access & Parking

If there are any rights of way or rights of access which extend across or alongside your property you will need to provide the appropriate documentation to prove that these are legal. If there is any parking associated with your property, like a driveway or dropped curb you will need to provide the appropriate documentation to prove that this has been done with planning position. If for any reason you cannot provide these documents your solicitor might suggest or your buyers might require you to take out an indemnity insurance.

Gas and Electricity certificates

You will need to provide your buyers with a Gas Safety Inspection certificate. If you do not have one you can contact your gas company, such as British Gas, who will be able to send a CORGI registered engineer to your home to test your boiler. You will also need an Electrical safety inspection certificate and a proof of boiler servicing, or a new boiler warranty if you have recently had a new one fitted.

If your property is leasehold and not freehold you will also need:

  • A recent service charge receipt.
  • A recent ground rent receipt.
  • Your lease.
  • Share certificate.
  • Details of your management company.



Aside from these documents which relate to your house you will also need to provide documents which prove your own identity. Your solicitor or conveyancer will need to check these due to money laundering requirements.