Idyllic property location: North Yorkshire

Last week we were marvelling in the east of the country in Norfolk and this week we have travelled north wards to the counties of North Yorkshire and where we will be looking at some beautiful villages and towns to live in across the region, their location and why they are a wonderful place to live.

The land mass we colloquially call Yorkshire is actually made up of a number of counties; North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, York and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Today we shall be looking at idyllic locations to purchase property in the county of North Yorkshire.

York, North Yorkshire


York is an unusual addition to this list, and the usual type of villages and towns we usually add to these articles being that it is a city and therefore not usually somewhere someone would associate with being idyllic in its nature. York however is one of the most loved and admired cities with being landmarks, architecture and activities making it a dream location for both couples and families to put down roots. Now if you are looking for a more rural setting, York is not for you as it packs a population of 204,439 as estimated in mid 2014. This aside, it is a hub for academia with two universities and a number of excellent schools. Additionally, with the nestle factory based in the city when the wind blows the whole city can smell of chocolate.

Buckden, North Yorkshire


Buckden is a village located in North Yorkshire amongst the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park, with a population of just 187 as recorded in the 2011 census. If you are looking for a remote village to settle in, Buckden may be your village of choice, housing just a village shop, a residential outdoor centre, a public house and just 135 dwellings listed in the village.

Askrigg, North Yorkshire


Askrigg is a small village located in the Wensleydale region of North Yorkshire, in the Yorkshire Dales national park. The village is small with a population of just 563 as noted in the 2011 census. The village itself is just 5 miles east of Hawes which is the the home of Wensleydale cheese. Askrigg has a small and friendly local community, with the main street lined with stone cottages, a pretty market square and a number of tea shops. The Yorkshire Dales are known as a beautifully scenic area, and Askrigg has a number of starting points for walking and cycling in the area.

A flat or maisonette in North Yorkshire will cost in the region of £129,471, while terraced properties will cost around £163,252. A semi-detached property in North Yorkshire will cost in the region of £191,815 and last but not least a detached property will cost on average £301,563. 

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