Interior Inspiration From Around the World

There are many interior trends around the world that you can take inspiration from. Whether it’s Swedish minimalism, exquisite Moroccan tiling or English country chic, adding global elements to your home can completely update its look. For the best inspiration from around the world, take a look at our helpful guide.


Style like a swede

Swedish home styling is hugely popular, thanks to its clean, crisp white walls and minimalist pieces of furniture. The calming aura of a Scandinavian interior is what makes this style of home décor irresistible to many. The simple styling and white washed décor may not be practical for those with young children, however, its contemporary charm and affordability means this type of interior is easy to put together and accessible. If you want to work this trend into your home then opt for white paint, wooden flooring, white bookcases or shelves, and minimal colouring on your home accessories. Both wooden and black metal details can be incorporated into this style, as well as woven rugs, grey fabrics and gallery walls.

Moroccan allure

Moroccan features within your home boast luxury and warmth. While you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to use this styling within your home, if you’re after Moroccan tiling for your bathroom or floors, you’ll probably need to splash out. Alternatively, for a hint of Morocco within your home, opt for metallic lamps, pretty lanterns and colourful cushions.


English shabby chic

Shabby chic interiors are popular due to their country charm and feminine features. You can incorporate this trend throughout your home, from kitchen to bedroom and as it’s so popular, it’s ideal for those who have a fixed budget to spend. Wooden furniture, duck egg blue, lace and floral fabrics are a few key attributes of this type of styling. If you wish to add a few home accessories, try purchasing mason jars, wooden plaques or floral decorations. Shabby chic can be easily achieved by painting your furniture white or distressing your furniture by sanding down paint for a dishevelled look.

New York state of mind

No one does chic monochrome quite like a New York apartment. To bring this style straight into your home, keep your walls a fresh, clean colour, such as white or light grey. Dark grey, white or black tones are perfect for your furniture choices, in order to create that contemporary American look. Leather, metal, gallery walls and marble are all key features to look out for when making purchases for your home.

Parisian glamour

To recreate that perfect Parisian home décor look, use chandelier lighting, chevron flooring, faux fur rugs and statement fireplaces within your home. 1920’s styling can also look fantastic, so don’t be afraid to shop around vintage homeware stores to find a classic piece. If you want to purchase a more accessible item, look around DIY and home stores for large mirrors, bold art prints and gold accented decorative items. 

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