Landlords - What to look out for during an inspection

One of the most important parts of the rental process; especially for landlords has to be the inspections.

It is up to you how often you book these in but ultimately it is to help you to recognise whether or not then there are any problems or damage that will need to be fixed; as well as any signs that the property is not being looked after by the tenant.

If you manage your rental property via a letting agent then they are likely to have the right expertise to be able to carry out a full and detailed inspection; however you should still be aware of what is needed and the things to look out for. This becomes all the more important if you manage the property yourself.

So what do you need to look for during an inspection? Here are our top things to check and the reasons why.


No matter how clean the your tenants keep the property both carpet and wooden flooring can see a heavy amount of traffic and therefore stains and damage are often expected.

However, when taking note of the condition of your flooring during an inspection you can make recommendations to the tenant for them to try and keep the carpet or wooden flooring as protected as possible.

Rugs, mats and regular hovering can all be incredibly beneficial to the condition of flooring and are all simple things to put in place. You could also offer to pay for a yearly clean of the carpets in the property for the tenants. This not only is a great gesture of good-will but it also ensures that the flooring lasts as long as possible.


If you have given permission for your tenants to hang up pictures, shelves or mirrors on the walls of your property then it is likely that there will be small holes left. These are not expensive to fix and can be dealt with when the tenancy ends.

Larger holes can be caused by damage from furniture or even the tenants themselves, so ensure that there are no unsightly holes in the wall that could prove costly to fix.

Fire and safety Hazards

It is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that the property is safe for your tenants to live in. Even if the problem has arisen from something the tenant has done, you need to take care of the issue, either by fixing it or warning the tenant that they will need to.

Common fire risks that can occur in rental homes is hoarding, which is not only a hazard from fire but can also increase the risk of an infestation from bugs or even rats. You should also check that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly and have fresh batteries.


Mould can be a particularly problematic thing to remove and prevent against in properties. If you notice any signs of mould in your rented property then you should highlight to the tenants that this will need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Not only can it get much worse if left untreated leading to costly repairs for you, but it can cause issues for your tenants health and trigger respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Be able to provide evidence

A final point is that you should remember to take a camera with you during the inspection; that way you have evidence of any issues that you have found. This can prove vital in discussion about what the damage was and who is likely to have caused it.

So make sure that you pay attention when you inspect your property otherwise you could be faced with the cost.

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