Make Your Home a Clutter-free Zone

The week between Christmas and New Year is when our rented home can look messier than ever – thanks to all that Christmas wrapping paper lying around and the extra toiletries we’ve accumulated over the festive period in the form of gifts.

Not only can this make us feel a bit fed-up, it can also prove stressful and inconvenient. So, in order to maintain our equilibrium at what is, after all, a pretty frantic time of the year, here’s some de-cluttering tips right here:

  • Discard. You know how wardrobe gurus are always harking on about throwing out clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year? Well, do the same with magazines you have piled up in the bedroom or toiletries tucked away at the back of drawers (you could donate these to your local charity shop). And, of course, get checking those tins in your kitchen cupboards and throw away any that are out of date.
  • Pack. Into storage containers that is. Overflowing food cupboards can look so much neater – and less overwhelming - if you pile packaged food such as packets of rice, pasta and boxes of stock cubes into large plastic containers.
  • Look up. Would your landlord allow you to put up shelves? They’re a great way for storing knick knacks you don’t want to throw out but which take up quite a bit of floor or counter space. Magnetic boards, in the kitchen for instance, are also great for keeping drawers free of invitations, take-away menus and bus timetables etc.
  • Organise. Drawer organisers are a great way of keeping track of all those finicky little things we all have in our home such as bag clips, string, sellotape, t-lights, candles etc. And it all looks so neat – instead of a huge big heap of junk – every time you open that drawer!

The best way to de-clutter without stress is to do a task every day. That way it doesn’t seem like too much effort and you might actually enjoy it. Just make sure to work in an hour to achieve what you plan to do de-cluttering-wise every day. Take it from us, you’ll be very glad you did.

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