Making some small improvements to your property before the sale board goes up could really encourage a quick sale.

People buy the homes they fall in love with, not necessarily those that are the best value. If you need to ensure a fast sale, here are a few things you can do to make that ‘love at first sight’ moment a lot more likely.

The kitchen:

This is one of the first rooms potential buyers check, and is a real make-or-break area for first impressions. A few small, relatively inexpensive touches – new faucets, cabinet doors (or even just the handles) and bright, efficient LED lighting can really improve the kitchen’s wow factor.

If you have a bit more of a budget, consider getting new, matching kitchen appliances. If the fridge, microwave, dishwasher and oven/hob all match in style (they don’t really need to be the same brand, but it helps), the entire room looks more sophisticated and attractive. You can even recoup the cost with a slightly higher sale price.

The Bathroom(s):

The second place buyers will turn their critical eyes are the bathrooms. On a tight budget, it never hurts to buy a new toilet seat or a pedestal basin. Most homeowners can even install these themselves. A few matching touches like toilet paper holders, towel racks and a mirror cabinet complete the look without adding hundreds to the cost.

On a slightly more expensive note, you can replace the old flooring or carpet (never a good idea in a bathroom!) with vinyl flooring or even adhesive tiles. Replacing or re-grouting your tiles will also make the room look much nicer, and change it from ‘We’d need to budget for a new bathroom’ to ‘Oh, we’ll save some money here.’


Lastly, you can completely change the appearance of living and dining rooms inexpensively and very quickly by getting a new, slightly more ornate lighting system, such as a chandelier. Almost all home furnishings and DIY stores have lighting sections, and some very eye-catching pieces can be found there. Again, it will do you good to favour bright and efficient LED systems.


Of course, canny buyers look into all the nooks and crannies for unpleasant surprises, but a stellar first impression can make this an exercise in deciding why to buy your house, not in finding reasons not to.


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