Quick and easy tips on how to best present your house for prospective tenants!

One of the single most important things when renting out a property is the property itself. After all, agreeing the tenancy is highly dependent on whether or not your visitors like the way it looks as well as whether or not they can see themselves living there.

With this in mind we have put together our top tips for dressing up your house to make sure that it appeals to those prospective tenants.


Some properties are offered furnished, while others are offered unfurnished. Before you set up for a viewing try to ensure that only the included furniture is on display; otherwise the tenants are unlikely to be sure of what is on offer. If this isn’t possible (due to current tenants or even you living there) then try to make it clear what will be included.

Any furniture that you supply should be in good order and functional; shabby, worn pieces of furniture are not likely to appeal.

Clutter and Mess

If you already live in or have tenants living in your property then you can expect it to appear lived in when the time comes to find new tenants; and in the most part there is nothing that you can do to change this. However you should try to remember that a tidy and clutter free space can be vital when it comes to a viewing.

You will want to try and present a feeling of space throughout the property, so try to make sure that it is as organised as possible.

Keep it neutral

Despite your love of your pink and purple walls; you might find that prospective tenants are not quite as taken with the colour scheme that you have decided on, let alone want to live with it on a day to day basis.

Try to remember that it is not you that will be living in the property and decorate accordingly; creams, whites and beiges may not seem that interesting but are ideal for rented properties.

Setting the mood

Finishing touches can really give your property a head start against others that the tenants may be viewing.
It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, in fact whilst a vase of flowers here and there may seem like a simple addition; it can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the room and tempt the viewers into becoming long term tenants.

We hope that with these top tips you have the right knowledge to be able to transform your house into a home and perhaps secure those brand new tenants!