Renting to families; what are they looking for?

Whilst the ideal for many people would be to buy their own property before the arrival of children, this isn’t always possible.

Therefore, many landlords will want to know how they can ensure that their property appeals not only to childless renters but also those who will be bringing their “mini-me” with them.

There are particular things that those with children are likely to look for in a property and we have put together some of the most common tick boxes that we have found those with children consider before they sign the dotted line on a tenancy agreement.

Room to play

One of the most important things that families will need in their home is space and ultimately space to play is vital. This doesn’t always have to be inside, a child-friendly garden may suffice; but more often than not they will want to see a room that could be used as a family space.

A great way to do this is to re-purpose a room that you already have; say a dining room, to become a space that they can let the children loose in whilst the frontroom (or adult room) remains untouched.


Ask any parent how much stuff a small person can accumulate and they will tell you that the answer is far too much. So with this in mind, if you are looking to appeal to family renters then you could always try to highlight the storage that you have available.

Built in storage solutions are always welcome; especially by those who may worry about the dangers of freestanding cabinets and bookcases. These don’t always have to come in the shape of large units, instead you could place some shelves around the home for quick and easy places to hide away the clutter.

Open plan living

Homes that have an aspect of open plan are often popular for families for different reasons that they may be popular to those without children.

Of course it does given an illusion of space and light, but it also allows parents to keep an eye on their children whilst they are cooking, cleaning or doing the dishes. It also ensures that children feel safe as they can still see their parent but do not feel the need to be under their feet at all times; ask any parent and they will tell you that is one big benefit.

The area

Another thing that may be desirable for those with children is the area that your property is in. Of course there is nothing that you can do to change this; however you can always highlight all the great things (schools, parks and easy access to shops etc) that are in the local vicinity when a family comes for a viewing.
Just by making some small changes to your property you may find that it becomes all the more appealing to families and you could see a new tenancy being signed before you know it!

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