Setting Up a Home Office That Really Works for You

Do you work from home? Need to set up a home office? This guide will show you how to and create the best working environment possible.

The secret is out. Working from home (and away from the city centre office) can really reduce the stress of a long workday, and gives you quality time at home by reducing the commute. However, working from the dining room table isn’t entirely practical – especially if you have children, or live in shared accommodation.

Setting up an office is about more than going out and buying stationary or deciding what colour to paint your new workspace. Even the basic process of setting up a space at home to call an office presents problems; there is no one but you to make the decisions, you’ll get no support from your office pals.

So to avoid delay, here are some top tips for setting up your own home office space:

Getting the Space Right

Plan out your new home office before you start buying things. You don’t need to get the architects in to do this; you can draft something on your own. It might mean converting the unused cupboard or the guest room becoming a guest room-slash-office.

  • Be sure to allocate space for all the equipment you’ll require.
  • If you need to be away from the noise, or know that your paperwork isn’t going to be drawn on you’ll want a separate space completely.
  • If you are going to be spending long periods at a workspace, you might want a room with a view, or at least daylight.

You may end up resenting working from home just as much as going into the office if you’re cramped up in the tiny space under the stairs. 


If space isn’t a problem, expense still might be. That luxurious Garden Office Pod is tidy and compact, but can your finances afford the outlay? Be sure you have funds lined up in advance for any equipment you need, be that computing or storage, before you start to avoid the frustration of a job half done.


In the UK, there are tax allowances to be had working from home, and some of that can be extended to the things you need to work from home.

  • An old wardrobe is the perfect hideaway for all those folders if the spare bedroom is providing the space, but if you want clients to visit it might not impress them. 
  • Will you want a standing desk, or are you more comfortable seated? Don’t underestimate the importance of the right furniture. It will make the difference to your overall health.
  • Chose the right office chair for you. If your chair is the wrong height for your desk you’ll end up with back issues.
  • Now for a good, bright light. If the lighting is wrong you’ll risk straining your eyes.

Now that you have a plan you’ll be able to define the perfect workspace in your home office without building an addition, and gain a better quality of life as a part of the deal. 

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