Small Properties, Big Ideas: Live More Comfortably in a Small Home

People choose to rent smaller homes for a number of reasons. You may be a tenant living in a smaller property in order to save money on the rent, and depending on where you live, smaller properties can often lead to large savings.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you may want to choose a smaller property. Smaller homes are cosier, cheaper to heat and quicker to clean.

But there is one problem with living in a small property: keeping it organised. If you've got a lot of belongings, you may find that you are constantly having to tidy up. You may also feel cramped when living in a small space.

Here are some smart storage tips for small spaces, as well as tips for making a small space seem larger.

Smart Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Storage is essential in small spaces. You have to be smart to keep things out of the way without affecting the appearance of the property, and that means using spaces that you might otherwise not use.

For example, you could store things under the bed, which is a great way to make use of unused space. You can buy special drawers that roll under the bed, and you can use these to store all manner of things.

You may be able to find items of furniture that include storage – chairs, for example, that double-up as boxes.

Shelves are your best friend. Empty wall space can often be utilised for storage, so learn how to put up a few shelves and you can make use of them anywhere. Don't like the idea of filling up the wall with shelves? Consider putting them above the doors. This is space that is often wasted, but it can be put to use to store things that you do not need access to on a regular basis.

You can increase the amount of free space in your child's room by using a bunk bed with the area below kept empty, or you could fit a desk underneath it. Your kid will love it, and you get all that floor space back.

Tips for Making a Small Space Seem Larger

There are many simple tricks that you can use to make a small space seem larger. Here are some that will not take you long or cost you much to implement:

  • Position furniture so that it is slightly away from the wall, which creates the feeling of more space.
  • Choose a few larger items rather than lots of smaller ones, and reduce the number of decorative items, which can clutter up a small space.
  • Light is one of the best ways to enlarge a small space, so try to get as much natural light into the room as possible. Of course, if you are renting, you cannot just go and add another window, but you can use the power of mirrors, which will reflect the natural light and make the room feel more open.
  • If your landlord gives you permission, decorate rooms in light colours to make them seem larger.
  • You can use something on the ceiling to draw the eye up, and this has the effect of making the room appear to be taller. You could use a different colour paint for the ceiling, or install a lampshade that commands attention.
  • Clutter makes a small space look even smaller, so clear it up regularly and keep things off the floor.

Love Living In Your Smaller Home

Just because you rent smaller accommodation, it does not mean you have to feel cramped all the time. These are some simple tips that can help, so have a think about the ways that you can make your smaller space more comfortable, and then enjoy all the benefits of renting a smaller property without feeling cramped.

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