Tenants Guide to Leicester

English Premier League Champions? Check. World Snooker Champion? Check. British Basketball League Trophy Champions? Check.

Leicester firmly established itself as the home of sporting champions in 2016. But that winning habit has been a part of the city as a whole for quite some time.

Named Britain’s first Environment City in 1990, and a European Sustainable City in 1996, Leicester is a mean, green, environmentally friendly machine. Its robust local economy and ongoing developments are serving to transform the remnants of its industrial past into a compact and vibrant modern English city.

The historic buildings standing shoulder to shoulder with more contemporary structures make the cosmopolitan city centre an attractive and desirable option for students, graduates, and young professionals alike.

A melting pot of multiculturalism, the ethnic diversity of Leicester as ensured a whole host of culinary delights are on offer - from a number of Indian restaurants that will rival the best curries Manchester and Birmingham have to offer, to mouthwatering Spanish, Mexican, French, Greek, Arabic, and Oriental cuisine.

Food and drink manufacturing also has a big part to play in the local economy (Walker’s crisps, anyone?), as does retail and engineering. It’s not just the sports teams rising to the top; Leicester is a city on the up. Find out where we think you should live if you make the move to the East Midlands.

Location, Location, Location


Choosing to rent in Leicester means accepting that the road planners aren’t very fond of drivers (due to the plethora of one-way streets and no-turns that litter the city centre). Instead, utilise the extensive and reliable public transport network to make your way around.

You’ll also find that the aesthetically pleasing train station, located on London Road, will connect you with the surrounding areas, and further afield, with ease.

Village Living


When you walk around Evington, a village suburb located to the east of Leicester city centre, you’ll quickly notice the sheer amount of leisure facilities. Two swimming pools, tennis courts, a golf course, exercise areas, a multi-use sports hall, and a gym - no wonder Leicester is the UK sporting city du jour!

It’s well-served by a number of highly rated primary and secondary schools, while there’s no shortage of amenities. Its two shopping areas include supermarkets, post offices, and an array of popular shops selling everything from coffee and cake to hardware and textiles.

There’s also an abundance of green space, with the expansive Village Green, Evington Park, and the Arboretum all ideal for a Sunday morning stroll.

Oh, and living in Evington will place you in esteemed company - a certain Mr Gary Lineker (local Leicester hero) attended the City of Leicester College here too.

Green & Pleasant


Another naturally beautiful and green suburb of Leicester worth checking out is Aylestone.

Affectionately known as ‘the village’ by locals, it sits to the south-west of the city centre, and east of the banks of the River Soar.

The mixture of properties available range for the historic to the more modern, while the semi-rural nature of your surroundings will make you forget you live but a stone’s throw from a busy English city.

And with a number of supermarkets, shops, cafes, and pubs, there’s certainly no need to venture too far in search of your day-to-day shopping needs.

Making the move to Leicester? You have to check out the Evington and Aylestone.

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