The Best Methods to Make Your Homewares Look Like New

Whether you’re planning on refurbishing your home, or have recently acquired some old furniture, there are a few ways in which you can make your homewares look brand new. Not many homewares tend to stand the test of time, especially if you have children or have moved around a lot. If you’re wondering how to restore your old things, consider these following effective methods.


Not only is paint affordable, it’s also perfect for those new to DIY projects. Adding a lick of paint to any surface is a great way to revamp a piece of old furniture, a rusty looking ornament or to breathe new life into a vase or photo frame. There are many different types of paints on the market, from chalk paint to spray cans. Why not consider sanding down an old coffee table and painting it white, or spray paint your old ornaments and frames with metallic gold or copper for an on trend look.


Repurposing your old homewares into something completely different will save you money, and allow you to create a completely unique item. You could turn a couple of old suitcases into a bedside table, use an old ladder as a wall unit for books and turn old books into shelves. Look at items that you have no use for anymore and consider if you require any extra storage space in your home.

Get creative

If you’re a dab hand on the sewing machine then it’s time to be creative! Why not give your sofa a new cover or make a pair of curtains. You can also add material around photo frames, attach ribbon around your vases and sew embellishments onto cushions. You can often find cheap material and decorative accessories on websites like Etsy and eBay, as well as at your local markets.

Think simple

If the thought of sewing or painting sounds overwhelming then keep it simple. Even the smallest changes can make a massive difference. You could use new handles on your furniture, glue wallpaper or sticky backed paper onto the surface of a table or desk, and use wooden ladders as a shelving unit – even if they’re looking rusty, a shabby chic look is hugely popular in many homes.

Think outside the box

Is your kitchen filled with jam jars or jars of food? There are hundreds of uses for old jars, especially when it comes to homeware. Try using these in a home project instead of throwing them away. A few easy ideas include putting string lights inside a jar to create a glass lamp, using jars for bathroom storage and using them as vases or small plant pots. If you want to get creative, paint your old jars with pastel or metallic shades or glue glitter to a third of the jar and create a votive for your candles. These are all incredibly easy ways to update your home on a budget.

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