Top Three Buy to let in Bradford.

Bradford is a tough little city that works hard. Given its location on the edge of the North Yorkshire national Park, and next to a legion of other bustling northern metropolises, Bradford has a lot going for it.

A quick check on the old Google however, and you might not have such a rosy view of this ex-industrial town. A recent survey of top places to live in the UK found Bradford to be the worst. Thanks to low levels of disposable income, low employment rates, and high rents, the uSwitch survey has cast a damning shadow over Bradford.

In retaliation, we offer the following!

Bradford is a little city where you can find a lot of bang for your buck. One of its most famous attractions is its British curry fame. Massive amounts of curry houses have earned this city the title of Curry Capital of Europe. While South Asian cuisine may be high on the options list, Bradford generally does a roaring trade in restaurants of all varieties as well.

Thanks to its Yorkshire charm, Bradford is also well known for its wonderful pubs – of which, there are plenty. In a similar vein, Bradford is well served by some fantastic traditional markets such as those at Ostler, and Kirkgate amongst others. Those looking for more mainstream shopping are also in for a treat with the Kirkgate Centre and brand new £260 million centre, Bradford Broadway.

For those looking for a little culture, Bradford has plenty to go around. First off is the National Museum of Photography Film and Television, which is a real gem of the North. Just outside the city centre, eager culture cultures will find the town of Saltaire. Saltaire is so special it is actually on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and is home to a huge permanent Hockney exhibition.

There is a serious amount of investment going on in Bradford right now, so where should you buy to let?

City Centre

Thanks to the millions of pounds worth of investment pouring into the city, the centre of Bradford, formerly home to abandoned and dis-used factories, is now being utterly regenerated. As a result there are lots of new loft apartments in the city centre. If you’re looking to target the young professional market, head to the centre.


Large semis, and detached homes are plentiful in this Bradford suburb. If you’re looking to rent to professionals and families, Eccleshill is just one lovely suburb of the city where you can begin your search.

Lidget Green

Lidget Green could be ideal if you are looking to rent to families on the lower end of the income scale. The area has a higher than average renting population, has a lot of terraced housing and is popular with students. If you are thinking about an HMO property, then Lidget Green might just be the place you’re looking for.

Bradford, though much maligned, has a lot going for it. It has lots of property stock, and generally, a higher than average renting population which makes a good combination for those looking to buy to let.


As ever, make sure you do plenty of solid research before you leap into the Bradford investment property market.