Top Three Buy to Let in Cambridge

Cambridge is a world-renowned city. Mostly famous for its excellent university, this little city has an awful lot going for it.

For its size, it packs some incredible punches from some well respected museums and art collections; festivals; literary celebrations and heavyweight libraries; beautiful architecture; stunning scenery; and a flock of students cycling this way and that on their way to lectures and seminars.

One of the best things about Cambridge though, has to be the fact that it packs all this global significance into a compact and utterly walk-able city.

It’s also well situated with the majestic beauty of Norfolk an hour to the northeast, and London within 45 minutes by train. You get the best of town-sized living with easy access to more rural pursuits as well as the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities.

On the other hand…

There are a few problems with Cambridge. Generally, it’s a very expensive city with high rents and house prices not offset by a London weighted salary. In addition, one problem that comes up time and time again, is that the traffic problem is out of control. If you are planning on living in Cambridge as well as finding property to rent, you would be well advised to check the area you choose against the flow of traffic and your potential commute – you could make life very easy or very difficult for yourself. Fortunately, Cambridge is a city mad keen on cycling – in fact, it’s quite famous for it. Thanks to an expensive bus service, awful standing traffic, and its flat terrain, cycling really is the top mode of transport in the city.

As many Cambridge students live in university owned accommodation, we’re focusing this week on the civilian renting population rather than the academic.


Arbury is not well thought of in general but it is one of Cambridge’s cheaper areas so if you’re looking to rent to people on the lower end of the price market, Arbury could be the spot for you.


Chesterton is a large mostly council-owned area. This means it’s a good bet if you’re looking for ex-local authority housing, at the lower end of the price spectrum. This might be a popular consideration given Cambridge’s generally higher than average housing costs.

Mill Road

Mill Road is a very popular area with renters (and the odd student). There is a lot of available property to rent, and an abundance of well-proportioned Victorian terraced houses. The area comes complete with tremendous community spirit, a plethora of independent shops and cafes, and good amenities. In addition, a big plus given the traffic problem, is that it is within walking distance to the town centre, and it is home to the famous Black Cat Café.

Cambridge really is a great place. Between the university, the hospital, and the booming tech industry, there is always a hot supply of potential renters.

As ever, before you plunge in, make sure you do your own research!

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