Top Three Buy to Let in Canterbury

Canterbury in Kent, is one of the loveliest cities in Britain. Officially. According to The Times, Canterbury ranks in the top fifty best urban places to live. We’re not so sure about the use of the ‘urban’ adjective however. This little city is surrounded by some serious countryside.

For centuries, pilgrims have flocked to Canterbury as a place of religious significance to remember one Thomas Becket (and because of Chaucer). Nowadays, Canterbury remains one of the most visited places in England thanks to its stunning surroundings, compact city life, and its truly wonderful cathedral.

With an achingly beautiful and historic city centre, Canterbury is well served culturally, socially, and in retail terms by all the usual suspects. It has five distinct districts including the central district with the cathedral, museums and art galleries. Try the southern for eating establishments, and the northern for a more independent vibe.

Of course, thanks to its two universities, Canterbury also has a very healthy student population. Lots of students, equals lots of renters.

So why does it make such a good buy to let opportunity? Canterbury sits in the heart of the gorgeous Kent countryside and is within commuting distance of London to boot. In fact, with a journey time of around an hour and a half to the centre of London, Canterbury gives jaded urban dwellers the perfect opportunity to improve the quality of their lives, and add practically acres to their home environment.

It’s also not that expensive. Compared to other cities like Manchester, Edinburgh and some areas of Birmingham, Canterbury is a very affordable place.

So where should you choose to invest your money?


Wincheap is very much an improving area, which means this could well be a good long term investment. It’s bursting at the seams with small Victorian terraces and is home to many young families. If you’re looking to target young families in search of decent schools and affordable property, Wincheap could well be the place for you.


Hersden is a former colliery village that has seen better days. Fortunately, developers are moving in with plans for new housing and new amenities. Currently there is a higher than average renting population and the area has become known for a number of social problems. If you’re looking to rent to individuals and families on a lower income, Hersden could be a good bet – it could also be a hot prospect for the future in terms of potential yield.


All those students have to live somewhere and Halesplace is it. This area has an abundance of multiple occupancy housing as well as plenty of ex-council housing stock. If you’re looking to target the student population of Canterbury, then Halesplace could be just what you’re looking for.

There are lots of good reasons to buy to let in Canterbury. There’s lots of stock on sale, it’s a great place to live, and it’s a very viable commuting alternative to the high cost of London living.

As ever, make sure you do your own research before splashing the cash.


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