Top Three Buy to Let in Dundee

Dundee is home to Lorraine Kelly and Dundee cake. Naturally, these facts are responsible for the popularity of the city and its rising status (wink wink).

In all seriousness, Dundee is a fantastic city that has managed to successfully regenerate itself after years of decline following the end of its industrial hay day. As Scotland’s fourth city, Dundee is compact but filled with all sorts of amenities to suit every taste.


Per head of population in the whole United Kingdom, Dundee welcomes a considerable amount of students thanks to its two universities. This means, if you’re looking to rent to the student population, Dundee could be one of the best bets going.

Of course, there are loads of benefits to renting chiefly to this market. Chiefly, student renters are most likely to pay their rent compared to other renting markets, and they come with excellent guarantors in the form of their parents.

Shopping and leisure

Dundee has two shopping malls: Overgate, and Wellgate. All the usual high street stores are represented in both malls as well as the outdoor shopping area centred around City Square.

Dundee also has a cultural quarter and comes complete with a theatre, a science centre, and plenty of arts venues as well as a museum and art gallery. This is one cultural city. As well as all this, Dundee has a great range of restaurants and bars all around.

So where should you buy to let?

West End

Dundee’s West End is the place to find plenty of student housing. If you’re looking to target this profitable market, this is the area for you. The West End is also popular with young professional renters as well – in fact, the area has a higher than average renting population largely made up of young people.


Fintry can be found to the north of the city. This suburban area is popular with families and renters looking to pay lower than average rents. Originally built as a council housing scheme, much of the available stock is ex-council and lower in price than other areas of Dundee.

Broughty Ferry

The marvellously named Broughty Ferry is a very desirable place to live. There is a fair amount of housing stock on the market as we speak and there is a range of price points available. The area sits beside the sea and is a haven for restaurants and bars and weekenders.

Dundee has a unique character all of its own. It has a rich and diverse population and a thoroughly lovely city in which to live. Whatever you’re looking for, Dundee has plenty of options for the full spectrum of buy to let investors.