Top Three Buy to Let in Lancaster

Lancaster is a market town-sized city way up north in the county of Cumbria. As such, it’s surrounded by achingly beautiful countryside and is filled to the brim with quaint cobbled streets and interesting historical architecture like the Ashton Memorial… and students.

It has city status because of its famous castle and beautiful cathedral but in reality, Lancaster is much more like a smallish market town than anything else. With the stunning Williamson park (home to all sorts of exciting events year round), and easy access to the best of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Bowland, and the coast as well, it is fairly easy to build a solid case for this perfect little city.

There’s plenty going on too. For shopping enthusiasts, it’s well served by all the main high street stores, and for culture vultures, it has a very well developed cultural scene with writing groups and independent theatre groups a-plenty. It’s also home to the splendid Dukes theatre and cinema a great independent venue.

Perhaps because it is so far north, or perhaps because of its wealthy population, Lancaster is an exceptionally safe city. This is one of the reasons it attracts a high proportion of commuting professionals with families, and students.

Have we mentioned the students yet? Lancaster has a very well respected campus university that attracts high calibre students of the under and post-grad variety. Most students are accommodated in university halls on campus, choosing to live out in second and third year. Lancaster, like other university towns, changes almost completely in character outside of term time so this is certainly something to keep in mind if you’re looking to buy to let.

Lancaster is also well connected with Preston just to the South, and of course easy motorway and train access to both Liverpool and Manchester.

So where should you look to invest?


Hala has a high renting population and might just be the right spot for you if you’re looking to invest in property at the lower end of the price scale. Hala admittedly doesn’t have the best of reputations (just try Googling it!), but it is important to put this into context; the worst of Hala comes nowhere close to living in a more urban environment in a big city.


Primrose is a nice area of Lancaster populated by good value terraced housing and is therefore popular with young families and young professionals.


Because it is a market town, there is a lot of good housing available right in the city centre. Of late, there has been much development along the canal and at St George’s Quay. If you’re looking to target the young professional market or in fact, the more affluent student population, this could well be a great area to begin your search.

Lancaster has a serious amount going for it. A fantastic little city often considered to be the Brighton of the North thanks to its left-leaning politics, it has everything you could possibly want from a city, wrapped up and packaged in a neat little box.


As ever, make sure you do your own research before splashing the cash!