Top Three Buy to Let in Middlesbrough

Okay, okay, so technically Middlesbrough is a town, not a city, but either way you look at it, this little-big town has plenty of attitude and makes for an interesting proposition for any buy to let investor.

Middlesbrough has an ‘energetic’ night scene popular with stags, hens and students; night time in this town is not for the feint of heart. It does have a growing cultural scene too with many museums, cinemas, concerts and other music events being held regularly. It’s also home to MIMA, the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art so it is perfect for art lovers too.

Shopping-wise, Middlesbrough has lots to offer. It has plenty of malls, a designer shopping area, as well as all the usual chains and big department store names. Though a little run down, Middlesbrough is well loved by its local population – just don’t mistake them for Geordies…

The town is also almost perfectly located in the middle of some of the UK’s most stunning countryside. Roseberry Topping is well worth a hike and all the beauty of the North East and the North Yorkshire Moors are all within spitting distance. This town is within an hour of Leeds, Newcastle, and York so it’s very well connected for commuters who work further afield but want the balance of lower living costs. Middlesbrough, it should be noted, is also proudly the birthplace of the explorer, Captain Cook.

Middlesbrough has a low cost of living overall, so it is popular with commuters and young families for this reason. It has also attracted a lot of investment in recent years and with new homes being built, Middlesbrough is on the up and up.


Otherwise known as the Middlehaven regeneration project, Docklands could be a good bet if you’re looking to invest in a brand new property marketed at young professionals. This would be a good chance to get into the Middlesbrough property market off-plan. With £200 million pounds worth of investment, it’s all looking positive.

Pallister Park

This is a low-income area. Pallister Park is a large council housing estate so if you’re looking to let to low-income families or are perhaps looking for a number of properties for your portfolio, this could be a good area for you given the low price of housing stock in the area.

University area

Teesside University has an unusual arrangement for its older students. They rent many properties located in the area around the campus from landlords, to then sublet those same properties to their students. This is to insure quality standards for their students but we say this could be a great bet if you’re in the student letting game. It’s always good to have a little extra peace of mind when letting to youngsters so this seems like a great scheme for renters and landlords alike.

So, Middlesbrough is well worth a look if you’re looking to let to students, or low-income families. It could also be a good bet if you’re looking to make an early investment in an off-plan development. As ever, do your research first!