Top Three Buy to Let in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Britain’s only island city, sits nestled along the south coast. In spitting distance of Brighton, and Southampton, Portsmouth has a fiercely proud local population and is connected to the mainland by just three road bridges.

This ex-shipbuilding port is now home to some sections of the Royal Navy and as such, maintains a proud naval history. Home to the final resting place of the Tudor ship, The Mary Rose, Portsmouth is also the birthplace of one Charles Dickens. This city has plenty of history to offer the casual tourist, and a fine museum to go along with the Portsmouth Historic



That’s not to say that Portsmouth is stuck in the past. Recent developments like Gunwharf Quay and Spinnaker Tower mean this city has one foot firmly planted in the future. Gunwharf Quay is a prime outlet retail destination and home to many bars, restaurants, cafes, a cinema, bowling alley, and an art gallery. Spinnaker Tower would look perfectly at home in Dubai and makes for a striking landmark complete with viewing platforms and a sky walk.

Portsmouth also hosts the annual Victorious music festival and maintains a healthy and growing student population. Portsmouth University ranks in the top 500 universities according to the Times, and in the Guardian’s top 50 for 2017. If you want to specifically target the student market, then the area of Fratton is your best bet.

This city is great for buy to let investors thanks to its high proportion of renters from right across the rental market spectrum. Landlords here can deal with everyone from: families, the young, the old, singles, couples, students, and everyone in between.

So where should you buy to let in Portsmouth?



Families are drawn to the Southsea area of Portsmouth thanks to its good schools, varied housing stock, and relatively low house prices. If you’re looking to target affluent young professionals looking for their first family-sized house, or young families, then Southsea is the area for you.

Gunwharf Quay


Gunwharf Quay is home to Portsmouth’s highest priced properties. Young professional singles and couples flock here drawn by the good nightlife and youthful atmosphere – and the plethora of two-bed flats and apartments. If you are looking for a long term investment in a hassle-free new property, then Gunwharf Quay should be your first port of call.



If you’re looking for cheap ex-council property and want to target renters at the lower end of the pay scale, then Paulsgrove could be just one of many such areas of Portsmouth. There is plenty of available stock and lots of rental markets including families, HMOs, single renters, and couples.

Portsmouth is a historic port city with tons of spirit and plenty of civic pride. With lots to offer everyone, great transport links to other coastal cities, as well as short journey times to London, Portsmouth really does have a lot going for it.

As ever, make sure you do your own thorough research before putting your hand in your wallet.

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