Top three buy-to-let locations in Bristol

Two universities, wonderful architecture, a vibrant and wealthy city centre, and beautiful harbour area make Bristol stand out as an amazing place to live and work.

The European Green Capital for 2015, Bristollians favour pedal power and walking to get around this small-sized city. Bristol is becoming increasingly popular with disheartened Londoners, and is the biggest city in the South West. This makes it quite congested thanks to the many commuters travelling for work each day from a wide surrounding area.

The Stats

With an average rent in the city of £877, Bristol occupies a secure spot in third place on a recent Barclays survey. With a buoyant house market, Bristol is the place to invest if you have a good deposit to hand as it will stretch the yield potential.

Why Bristol?

With the famous Clifton suspension bridge arching gracefully over the river Avon, Bristol is popular with people looking for a smooth combination of urban life and easy access to outstanding countryside. Bristol even has it’s own currency in the form of the Bristol pound, as well as it’s very own infamous street artist, Banksey. So, where should you invest in Britain’s happiest and wealthiest city?

Stoke Bishop

If you want to invest in a popular area at the higher end of the price scale and are keen to attract well-off families, Stoke Bishop could be the place for you. With annual house price growth of 8.1% according to The Telegraph, investing in Stoke Bishop is a long-term move that leans heavily on one side of the buy-to-let seesaw.

Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft is actually a road rather than an area but read on. Arty home to a thriving arts scene and independent businesses, Stokes Croft is undergoing a period of regeneration that many argue is to the detriment of its unique character. Stokes Croft has a vibrant nightlife and has been voted as one of the UK’s top 30 most fashionable places to live according to The Bristol Post. With all this in mind, the most likely property is a flat above a business – a sound investment for those looking to profit from the area’s increasing trendy status.


A very diverse and mixed area made up predominantly of families, and young professionals looking for cheap rent. Easton is well-connected with two train stations serving the area. It is one of the more deprived areas of the South West, which befits its inner city location, though it is considered as slightly more attractive than the St Pauls area. There are a few Banskey pieces dotted around Easton, which do draw many tourists and has made the area rise in popularity.

Bristol has plenty of housing stock to suit every investor’s tastes and budgets. From one bed flats over shops, new complexes of luxury apartments, to traditional family homes and student lets, Bristol’s diverse nature makes it a good bet if you’re looking to diversify your housing portfolio. As ever, make sure you do your research before you leap in to this busy market.