Top tips for making the most of your property viewing

Finding and choosing your next home can be incredibly stressful; whether you rent or buy.

You may spend hours on the internet trying to pick which properties you want to go and view and when you finally get a chance to view the property rush through and not really find out about all the things that are important to you.

This could be seen as being a waste of time and leave you feeling a little bit deflated.

We believe that there are things that you can do to make this initial stage of the renting process that little bit easier; so with this in mind we have put together our list of top tips to make the most of the short time you have during your property viewing.

Check for storage space

Making sure that you have enough space for all your possessions is important when viewing a house. If you have plenty of garden tools then a garage (or room for a shed) would be something you need to keep an eye out for.

Likewise, if you are looking for a family home then perhaps you can assess whether any of the rooms in the property can be used for toy storage or a play room.

Look around

By this we don’t mean inside the house, instead we are thinking about the local area instead. What type of properties are there around you? Is there a local shop that you can easily reach? Perhaps a nice outdoor space for your children to play?

If there are any pubs in the close vicinity you might want to check whether or not these will become rowdy at closing time.

What’s that smell?

One thing that you should make sure your nose is looking out for is a bad smell. Unoccupied homes can be musty after time, however a strong smell of mould may be a warning sign of a damp problem in the home.

If you do suspect that damp is a problem then you can keep an eye out for freshly painted walls around the home, as they may be a sign that there is an issue that could crop up over time.

Know what you want

Sounds obvious, but having a plan of the type of house that you are looking for before you attend a viewing is really key.

Once you have a list together of all the key points that are important to you then you can start to look out for them during those short walk around.

Not only should you be aware of what it is that you do or don’t want; also make sure that you have noted down (or in mind) those aspects that you are willing to compromise on. You may found a house with a garden that you are less than keen on, but if they have a nice big garage you might not mind so much!

Some viewings can only be 20 minutes long and you will be expected to make a decision on a new house that you will stay in for life. Don’t take the decision lightly else you may end up with a property that you are less than happy with!

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