Top Tips for Renovating the Garden on a Budget

Spring is here, which means returning home from work in daylight. Naturally thoughts shift from huddling beside the fire to soaking up the sun. Of course, if your garden’s looking tired it’s less tempting to venture outside.

Here are some top tips to bring colour and vibrancy to tired grass and dead plants, yet leave you enough money to enjoy a drink with friends in it after all the work is done!

  1. Start with a plan before you go shopping for new items. This way you won’t buy on impulse and end up with a cluttered garden and a hole in your credit card. Spend an afternoon tidying away the dead leaves and strimming back the edges of the lawn so you can see what needs to be done. Sketch out the areas you want to focus on. Look through magazines and online for ideas. Consider colour schemes too. 
  2. Can’t afford to replace paving for decking? Use a pressure washer to give them a good clean, they’ll come up like new.
  3. While a pot of paint can add colour to a wall, cheap wire or trellis will allow you to train climbing plants, filling your garden with scent as they bloom. You won’t need to repaint that wall ever again! 
  4. Instead of visiting garden centres which charge a premium price for their plants, make a bee line for charity stalls. Here you’ll find plants lovingly nurtured from seed or cuttings at a fraction of the price.
  5. Car Boot Sales and Village Hall fund raisers are the perfect place to snatch up plant pots and unwanted ornaments, which can be quickly up-cycled with a fresh lick of paint or even a little soap and water.
  6. Hide the tired fence. Buy fruit trees and train the tree into a fan or espalier to provide both privacy and shade. Of course you have the added bonus eating the fruit when it’s ripe.
  7. Nowhere to sit? DIY a seat from disused stone or wood rather than pay out hundreds of pounds. Search Pinterest for ideas, just remember to bring in the cushions before it rains! Another good use for unwanted stones is the core element of a rockery, or raised area as a focal point.
  8. Collect the seeds of your existing plants or cultivate cuttings ready for planting next year, saving yourself even more money.

A good garden develops organically (pun intended), so don’t try to do all of it at once. Remember to take time to show off your hard work – hold a garden party or summer BBQ to make your friends green with envy.