Warm weather is just around the corner – make sure your garden looks its best!

This guide may help you give your garden a facelift with trendy decking, a new lawn or a whole new patio.

With summer once again tempting us to spend time outdoors, many of us are looking at our gardens… and wondering how it all went wrong! You still have time to put it right before garden party season though. Here are a few ideas of how you can make your garden an attractive place to spend time (when the weather is co-operating).

Re-invigorating your patio

First and foremost, remove the weeds from between the bricks and pavers. Next, I cannot recommend a pressure washer highly enough for making those pavers or concrete slabs look like new. Finish it all off by brushing kiln-dried sand into all the cracks and gaps – hey, presto! Your patio is reborn!

Stepping up your fences and borders game

A drab old fence brings any outdoor space down, but you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Evan a faded natural wood surface can be made young again with the right stain – try something daring! Why not purple? Painted fences are even easier, just pick a vibrant new colour and re-apply.

Want a greener, more natural feel? Consider adding a trellis of some kind at the top, and planting some beautiful climbers this season


A tidy new shed

A shed needn’t be a dreary place to store your garden tools. Modern garden buildings can be anything form a summer playroom to a man-cane or even a home office. You’d be amazed what you can do, and most of it without having to seek planning permission! Just decide what you need the space to do, and go shed-shopping!

Garden lighting for those warm summer nights

Solar lights have been the go-to solution for garden lighting for years now. They are inexpensive, don’t require any wiring and come in thousands of shapes form the practical to the whimsical. Picking a set that is perfect for your garden should be easy.

If you want something more reliable (and less disposable), get electricity run into the garden or patio. Low-voltage outdoor lights are available, or you can have mains power run by a qualified electrician. This also lets you plug in appliances.

No matter how you go about reinventing your outdoor space, just make sure to make it truly your own. A good garden or patio can easily double the effective living space of your home during the warmer months, and add substantially to your quality of life.