What does a skip cost these days?

Gutting the bathroom? Clearing the garden? You may want to hire a skip. This guide will help you explore your options and can be expected to cost.

The skip-hire industry is used to dealing with customers who already know what they are doing. That means that their customer service skills can be expected to be a bit… minimal. Knowing what you’re about before you contact hem will make the process much simpler.

Where to find a skip hire provider

There really aren’t any national names in skip hiring, so the fastest way is to search Google for ‘skip hire (your location)’. There is even skip hire price comparison websites, like

How to avoid ‘cowboys’

Before hiring a skip, ask for the provider’s Waste Carrier Licence number, and enter it here. Best avoid them if they are not licensed. Also, ask to see proof of public liability insurance.

Are there things I can’t dispose of in a skip?

Plenty. Nothing hazardous or infectious, no old tyres, no liquids or anything containing liquids, no compressed gasses. No fluorescent light bulbs. No Tele or computer screens, no plasterboard, and certainly not asbestos. See here for more details.

How big of a skip do I need?

The skip industry still uses cubic yards. Most common skips for residential use are between 6 and 8 cubic yards (level load). If you think you’ll need more than that, consider getting more than one, one after the other. Many councils will not allow skips over 8 cubic yards to be placed on the street.

And lastly, how much should it cost?

An 8 cubic yard skip itself should cost around £220. Again, a price comparison site can help ensure you get the best deal.

You’ll also have to pay for a skip hire permit from the council. The prices of these vary widely depending on where you are – Glasgow charges £51 while Liverpool only charges £10.

Lastly, the council will inform you whether you need to pay for a parking suspension – special permission to leave the skip on the street for 1-2 weeks. That price varies as well.

So, now you know what you need to hire a skip, and how to avoid predatory hire companies. Just make sure you get that skip license in advance – sometimes it can take a few days. 


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