Blocked toilet? Leaking taps? Broken boiler? You need a Plumber!

When you are a landlord there are times that you will need to fix, maintain or improve those things that keep the house functioning.

Electrics, central heating systems and of course the plumbing in the property; whilst many jobs can be completed around the house using DIY methods, there are some parts of the upkeep of your property that requires an expert eye.

A plumber is able to carry out a range of jobs throughout your home and has skills that can not only be transferred from the kitchen to the bathroom but even outside too.
Here is our guide to everything that you can expect from your hired plumbed and how to make sure that you have a quality tradesperson carrying out your work.

What kind of jobs can a plumber do for me?

The work of a plumber is incredibly varied and can take many years to master. The type of projects that they can take on in your house includes broken toilets, leaks in pipes, water supply line repairs, appliance plumbing (such as washing machines and dishwashers) and even waste disposal systems.

There are also additional services that some plumbers are able to offer you but this is often bespoke to the type of experience that they have.

How can I tell a good one from a bad one?

Now you know that you need a plumber to complete your work, you will need to go about hiring one. Much like many tradespeople, there is always a concern that you will end up choosing what is known as a “cowboy”, someone who provides below standard work or perhaps doesn’t even finish the job in the first place.

Choosing the right plumber needn’t cause you a headache; there are few checks that you can make and questions that you can ask to make sure that you are going to hiring a quality tradesperson to carry out your work.

  • Ask how long they have been in business and make sure that you check out the address they give you.
  • Check whether they are able to provide you with any references for similar projects that they have recently completed.
  • Ask to see their insurance documents, this will ensure that they are covered to work within your property.
  • Find out if they are a member of a professional trade body, for example the Institute of Plumbing.
  • Discuss any guarantees that they are able to provide you on the work, ensure that any agreements are provided in writing.

By clarifying the above points with the plumber before they start to work on your property you will feel a much greater level of trust in the quality of work that they can provide you with.

If all else fails, just follow your instincts, after all, we all should trust our gut from time to time!