Buying Property

That first-viewing

You’ve done your online searching, been in touch with local estate agents and done a bit of research on different areas. You’ve also taken the next step and driven around looking at all the homes you’re interested in from the outside; you’ve taken in the neighbours and seen what facilities are to hand. This has helped you to narrow your list down again and now you’re ready for those first viewings!

When you’re arranging your viewings try to be as flexible as you can and also, try to understand that if the person selling the home wants to do the viewings themselves, it’s likely to be fairly difficult to find a time that suits you both. This isn’t the owner trying to be difficult – they are as a busy as you are – so bear that in mind at this stage.

Once a date and time is agreed for the property or properties you’re genuinely interested in, you might want to take another look online and remind yourself of what impressed you about each home. A good idea is to note them down so you know what you’re looking for, that way you can take a good look at it when you’re there and see if it’s what you want or need it to be.

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