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Long-Term Tenants or Short-Term Leases

Long-Term Tenants or Short-Term Leases, which is Best for a Landlord?

Life as a Landlord can look like, to some outsiders, a road to riches. But, as actual landlords all know, you have to work hard, be smart and have a bit of luck for those riches to be realised! There are lots of decisions to make, some of which are tougher than others, before you can start enjoying the profits you’ve made.

One crucial decision that many landlords face is whether or not to take on short-term or long-term tenants. While there may be the odd time when you’ll, quite frankly, take almost anything that comes your way. For the most part, this will be something you plan for. The property you buy, the area you choose and the rent you’ll charge will stem from, in a large part, from what type of renter you’d ideally prefer to have.