Is Furniture For Life, Or Just Another Disposable Product?

A few generations ago, furniture would be handed down from parents to their children for years and years. The same table would be in the family for dozens if not hundreds of years. Your home would look much the same as your parents’, because half of all the furniture was the same. Now, however, furniture is far cheaper and easier to come by, suiting those people who rent privately. A new bed, table or sofa no longer has to be a carefully thought-through decision made with years of use in mind. Cheap flatpack furniture can be bought and used for just a few years, then disposed of without guilt.

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BTL Mortgage Rates on the up - What does this mean for Landlords?

According to a recent report, buy-to-let mortgage interest rates are rising. That’s something that could mean even more landlords consider selling up, when the time comes to re-mortgage their investment. However, although research has noted a small increase in BTL mortgage interest rates, a still strong offering of deals for the sector should help ensure any future rises remain on the small side.

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Affordable ways to turn every day into a spa day

Often neglected when it comes to home decor, our bathrooms play a large role in our day to day lives.  Whether it’s a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day or a place for personal grooming, the bathroom deserves as much TLC as the rest of the house.  Many of us dream of having a beautiful spa-like haven in our homes, however, if your budget is more cheap and cheerful than Champneys, achieving this can be tricky.  We’ve put together our guide to creating a spa inspired bathroom, whatever the size or budget.

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