What affects the rental value of your home?

Maximising the value of your property is one of your key goals as a landlord. In a climate as tough as today’s, with much of the tax protection that landlords require being eliminated, it’s absolutely essential to get as much value as possible out of your portfolio. Here are our tips for boosting the price of your rental property.

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Home décor ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the perfect time to spoil your loved ones and celebrate special relationships with family and friends. However, it’s not just the people in your life that deserve special attention, it’s your home too.

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What to do if your tenant leaves mid-tenancy without telling you

It’s not particularly common, but every now and again a tenant will simply up and vanish without letting you know. If your tenant does pull a Marie-Celeste, then it’s likely to present you with a few complications. How do you legally regain possession of your property so you can rent it to new tenants? Is there anything you can do about the unpaid rent? And what’s the deal if they’ve left belongings in the property?

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Designing a playroom for your child - What should you consider

Working The Room Is Child’s Play

Any parent who has ever stood on a piece of Lego or spent hours trying to remove glitter from a living room carpet knows the havoc that toddlers and young children can play on a previously tidy home.  For those living in tiny homes, the struggle is real - and will, in all likelihood, continue for some time however, for parents lucky enough to have the space, a playroom is the ideal solution.

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