Students: Halls or House?

For any student moving out of their family home, choosing their next place to live is a big deal. There are so many options being advertised to them that sometimes it can be hard to narrow down what the best choice would be. In the end it will usually come down to either moving into the University owned accommodation nicknamed ‘Halls’ or a shared HMO property marketed as a Student House. Both have their pros and cons depending on a person's individual wants and needs but here are a few to think about.

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Key essentials when picking your new student let

If you’re eagerly awaiting those exam results and are getting ready to make the transition into university life, picking out your new student digs is the next thing to start planning. In most instances, universities will have an allocation of student accommodation for first-year students; however, there may be times where this is not provided. Similarly, if you are hunting for a place to rent throughout your student years, it’s the perfect time to start planning what you need out of your new home.

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Half of students are losing their rental deposit

Research by Nationwide Building Society shows half of students in the UK lose their rental deposits, with an average of £150 being lost in this way. Eight in ten of the 1,000 students surveyed by Nationwide also believed their deposit was held unfairly by their landlord.1

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