The Leeds Guide To Student Property

Increasingly popular, Leeds is a lively Yorkshire city with a buzzing nightlife and convenient transport links to Manchester, Newcastle and London.  Leeds is also home to the well respected Leeds University.

With 31,790 students, Leeds University is the seventh largest university in the country.  That means thousands of books, millions of pens and…...a huge number of students looking for accommodation within Leeds every year.

A Leed-ing light for students

For students wishing to live off-campus, rental property within Leeds is affordable and widely available.  A double bedroom in a four bedroom house share can be had for just £285 per month.  On the outskirts of Leeds in Harehills, renters can bag a three bedroom terraced house for an incredibly low £520 per month, working out to just  

£173 per room, per month.

Those with the budget for a little more privacy can rent a spacious one bedroom flat close to the centre of Leeds for £525.

Student specific accommodation is available at the popular Liberty Park complex close to Liberty Dock and, rooms start from £105 per week.

Fill those rooms

Low property prices, plentiful amenities and strong transport links make Leeds ideal for landlords looking for tenants.  Although most students have, by now, secured their accommodation for the coming academic year, late clearing and transfers mean that there may still be tenants available.

As well as advertising for tenants in local newspapers and through your estate agent, get in touch with Leeds University and surrounding colleges to see if you can post your room for rent on their notice board as many students will still be checking in during the holidays.

You can increase the chances of securing a tenant by making your property as student-friendly as possible.  As well as making the accommodation affordable, you can make your rental more attractive to students by offering incentives which can include:

Free wifi - Most students will require internet access for their studies as well as for ‘gramming their social activities and so, free wifi within student accommodation is always a winner.

Keep it simple - Decor in a student property should be kept as plain as possible.  Young people tend to want to ‘put their own stamp’ on their accommodation with posters and accessories and so a blank canvas is appreciated.

Fun in the sun - When the weather’s good, students enjoy entertaining at home in order to keep costs down. If your property has a garden, add a (student-proof) barbecue and a few fun touches such as outdoor games.

Whether you’re a student or a landlord, Leeds offers endless possibilities and great property prices in a vibrant, metropolitan setting.