Landlord insurance round up

As a landlord, you’ll be aware that insurance for buy to let properties is different to the insurance you have for your own home and you should already have an appropriate policy in place for the property you let. However, with providers regularly amending and improving their offerings, it might be worth reviewing your insurance if you haven’t done so in the last couple of years.

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Latest on agent fees

The level of fees charged by agents has been quite diverse over the years, for both tenants and landlords. While some agents have always been up front and fair with the amount they charge, in the past some haven’t made it clear either when fees would apply or how much the final charge would be. Tenants could move and wouldn’t get their deposit back from one property until well after they’d checked into the next, meaning they found it hard enough to have to ‘bridge’ the deposit, never mind paying sizeable fees to a few agents for referencing and administration. Sometimes the figure quoted included VAT; all too often it didn’t.

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Fixing our broken housing market

Will the new government White Paper ‘Fixing our broken housing market’ impact on buy to let?

A few weeks ago, the government launched its new housing strategy for England. The title isn’t particularly cheery and I don’t think it actually reflects the true nature of our housing market.

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