5 Easy Ways to Achieve Show Home Style

For many, achieving show home style might seem an impossible task. Updating your property doesn’t have to cost the earth and with some very simple changes, you could revamp your living space and add a contemporary feel to your décor.

Take a look at these easy and affordable ways to refresh your interior and exterior areas and incorporate modern style into your home. 

Open up your living spaces

A great way to add a light and contemporary feel to your home is to create the illusion of space. This is particularly useful for smaller rooms and properties such as apartments. Simple ways to achieve this include removing bulky furniture or rearranging your current layout to create the perfect space. To revamp the décor, try upcycling old furniture to give it a new lease of life and place mirrors opposite windows to encourage light to be reflected into the room.

Accessorise with affordable interior decor

A really easy way to give your property an update is by choosing small home décor items such as pictures, lamps, plants and soft furnishings. These little touches don’t have to break the bank and there are many stores that have beautiful interior pieces without the designer price tag. Something as small as updating handles, cupboard pulls and knobs can also add a little creativity to furniture.

Update your lighting

Accessorising your lighting is an ideal way to create the perfect ambience and add an affordable update to your home. There are lots of beautiful and unique lighting options to choose from and updating a fixing or lampshade can create a bright and well-lit room, which offers the illusion of space. For affordable ways to revamp the exterior of the property, place solar powered lights along pathways and garden edging for a modern update.

Revamp the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and is often one of the most talked about spaces in terms of décor. You may not be able to immediately change certain aspects of the kitchen but there are some small things that will help you achieve show home style. Try de-cluttering work surfaces and storing kitchen appliances that are not regularly used away in cupboards to free up space. Give the kitchen a deep clean every few weeks to revitalise cupboard doors and worktops. Also accessorise with fresh flowers and unique trinkets to add a personal touch.

Maintain the garden

If you have outside space it is sometimes overlooked due to time constraints. One of the easiest ways to give your property curb appeal is maintaining this area regularly. It’s really simple to strip back weeds and plant small shrubs and flowers to add some colour to your exterior areas. Creating an inviting entrance is also a great first impression for visitors and placing potted plants beside the door is an easy way to brighten up this area.

There are many simple ways to give your property a new lease of life. If you’d like to make bigger changes such as sprucing it up with a lick of paint, be sure to ask your landlord or letting agent for advice before changing the aesthetics of the property.