Top tips for self-packing

Are you considering self-packing your possessions? Do removal company quotes make your think twice about hiring a professional removal service? This article will help identify top tips for self-packing and how you can save money in the process.

Self-packing 101 – The Basics

As you’ve decided to take on the important task of self-packing you need to know the basics. Let’s talk about boxes. The humble box will be the most crucial item in your self-packing armoury. You need to buy good quality boxes – don’t think about price, but quality.

You also need to contemplate what you plan to pack away. Remember, there are different type of boxes for different items:

  • Boxes for Glassware
  • Boxes for Porcelain/China
  • Boxes for Books
  • Boxes for Bottles

By understanding the type of item you’ll be placing into the box, you’ll be able to buy the right size box.

Once you’ve decided on boxes, you’ll need to invest in the following:

  • Heavy Duty Tape
  • A Black Marker Pen
  • Polystyrene
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Container Boxes

Boxes need bubble wrap and tape to help provide firm support for the items being packed away and transported. By bubble wrapping items, using polystyrene to help firm out the interior along with a well-fitting box, can provide the right support for the stored items. All you need to do is tape up the box and mark it – this will help when unpacking at the other end.

Five Top Tips for Easier Self-Packing

  1. The box should be filled to ¾ capacity – this allows for bubble wrap or polystyrene to provide ample interior support during transit.
  2. Always remove fixtures and fittings from appliances – a great example of this is a free-standing lamp or a vacuum cleaner – take off the lamp share and box it up, likewise remove the accessories from the vacuum cleaner and box them up too.
  3. Plan ahead – go through the house before packing and make a box requirements list for each room – measure items as flat-packed or without accessories/attachments to help improve the packaging integrity during transportation.
  4. Always pack boxes from the bottom-up within your means of transport by laying the larger/heavier boxes at the bottom and thus allowing you to protect fragile items by placing them in safer spaces.
  5. Don’t buy cheap boxes – buy a professional removal box, in different sizes, because the grade used – this is the thickness levels of the carboard – is more stringent in relation to the demands placed upon it. This means it can hold heavier loads without breaking.

By planning ahead, understanding how you will declutter your property and box-up your possessions, you’ll make the self-packing process easier. Always use good quality removal boxes with high-quality tape, polystyrene and bubble wrap. Mark the boxes and pack them upwards from the heaviest to the lightest within your mode of transportation.

By following these five simple tricks you’ll be self-packing like a professional removal person in no time – helping you to save some serious cash in the process. It is all about pre-planning, being sensible and buying good quality boxes and accessories to help provide the right foundation for a stress-free self-packing experience.

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