6 Tips to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Creating a tranquil and inviting space in your home is a top priority for many people. Setting the ambience and enjoying a haven that you can retreat to each day is perfect for those that lead hectic lifestyles. So if you need some inspiration on how to create the perfect setting for relaxation, take a look at these top tips.

Conquer clutter

A tidy house equals a tidy mind so ridding your rooms of unnecessary clutter is the first step in promoting a calming space. Rooms that are bright and airy with little distractions can help soothe the mind and offer a peaceful place to read a book or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Colour choices

Colour is a significant contributor to how a room looks and feels so if you have harsh shades or darker tones, this might not promote a sense of relaxation. Colour not only affects how the room looks but also affects your personal emotional and psychological processes. Studies have also shown that colour can also have impacts on your body temperature and energy levels, and you may have experienced feeling cold in individual rooms or warmer in others dependent on their décor without even realising it.

The power of plants

Houseplants and succulents are a significant interior trend at the moment, and alongside complementing your interior themes, plants are actually good for your health too. Plants in your home not only help to brighten the place up a little but they also clean and purify the air around you. Some popular examples of houseplants that help cleanse your mind include Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Bamboo and Philodendron. Many houseplants are easy to maintain too.

Creating zones

Room layouts are also another important factor in creating a peaceful ambience. Sometimes it is difficult to create zoning areas if you have limited space but making an area for a sanctuary spot is a great idea. Even if this is just a space where you can put a snug chair with some fluffy cushions and a pretty lamp, this area will help you to relax and enjoy some time out. Another way to implement zoning is by trying to create a technology-free space. Having this time away from mobile phones, TVs and laptops can help you to unwind and encourages more interaction with others around you.

Incorporating texture

Another way to introduce peaceful vibes into your décor is by adding luxe feel fabrics and accessories. Fluffy rugs and soft cushions create a comfortable haven that you can relax in and indulge with a good book plus it automatically gives cosy vibes to any space.

Open the windows

This might seem like a simple concept but just getting some fresh air into your home can offer a sense of freshness and vitality into a room. During the winter we tend not to open the windows due to the colder temperatures, so this stuffy air can make you feel lethargic and unmotivated. As soon as it starts warming up, get those windows open and enjoy some fresh spring air to awaken the senses.

Your home should be a peaceful space that gives you time to recuperate and relax with the family. Implementing a few changes to each room can help to create a tranquil haven and give you a place that soothes and revives you for the days and weeks ahead.

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