5 ways to upgrade your kids room on a budget

Children grow up so fast, and as they get older, trends and tastes start to change more rapidly. When kids are young, bright colours and favourite TV characters may be a firm favourite, but this phase begins to wane quickly as they enter the school years. To avoid being stuck with kids bedrooms that don’t match the rest of your décor, there are a few things you can do to update this space without spending a fortune on a total renovation.

Take a look at some of the best ways to update your child’s bedroom with zero hassle.

Opt for neutral colours

Starting with a neutral base is the best option for accessorising with on-trend furnishings. Kids can sometimes choose the most questionable colours for their room but helping them compromise on something lighter and easier to repaint will help bring your interiors together. A lick of paint can work wonders for a complete refresh, and there is a range of affordable shades that cater to both parent and kiddie’s tastes. Just don’t forget to ask your landlord or agent before overhauling the rooms.

Funky lighting

Lighting is a great way to add a unique touch to a room. Whatever age your children are, most can’t resist a funky addition to their room. Lighting plays an integral part in the ambience in a bedroom and having a mix of bright, clear lighting, and warmer tones can work well to blend the space for different uses.

Wall art

One of the biggest trends in interiors at the moment is wall art. Prints and graphic art are perfect for creating gallery walls and adding interest to a minimalist design. For kids, there is tons of inspiration and plenty of cool images and prints to add an individual touch to the space. This trend works perfectly alongside a neutral palette and can be switched up when tastes change.

Shelving ideas

Once upon a time shelving was purely for functionality and had little design flair, but the options available in recent trends helps to add unique touches to the room. There is a variety of funky possibilities with plenty of shapes and sizes to accommodate books and trinkets. They also come in a myriad of colours to match current furnishings and interior themes.


You can never have enough storage in a kid’s bedroom, but you don’t want it commanding tons of space either. Clever storage options are super affordable but can also add a fresh and updated look for your interiors. A hugely popular choice for bedrooms includes box style shelving where you can add interchangeable storage containers and fabric boxes. These storage options can also be affixed to the wall to create a focal piece with a mixture of storage and shelving spaces.

Refreshing your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to be costly, and with a few simple changes, you can make it a cosy and stylish haven for your little ones.