10 decor tips for small properties

Small home decor tips that won’t leave you feeling flat

A recent study showed that the average flat in the UK is just four times the size of an average car parking space - it’s no wonder then that many of us find decor a challenge in our ‘bijou’ homes.  Lack of storage space and cramped rooms can make it a struggle to make a home look great but, here, we’ve put together our top tips for super-sizing your pint-sized abode.

Mirror Mirror

Small rooms can appear dark and gloomy - particularly in the winter months.  Add large mirrors to a room to give the illusion of light and space or try a mosaic mirrored wall to achieve the same effect whilst adding an eye-catching feature to the room.

Raise the curtain

If you have your own place (or permission from your landlord), move curtain rails as close to the ceiling as possible with curtains spaced to the edges of the window to allow in as much natural light as possible.

Keeping it neutral

Boring as it may seem to some, light, neutral coloured walls are best when it comes to ‘opening up’ a small room.  Patterned wallpapers and dark colours can tend to make a room look busy, dark and even smaller than they actually are.  If, however, you can’t bear to be without a bit of colour, try a colour block feature wall, leaving the rest of the room neutral.

Up and away

Storage space is the main bugbear for those living in small flats and houses.  Although it is convenient to have shelves and storage at eye level, this does add to the cluttered effect of a room.  For books and items that you don’t use every day, try fitting high shelves with a library style ladder to help you maximise your space.

Flexible friends

Keep rooms as uncluttered as possible by considering fold away furniture and accessories.  Ideally, we’d all like a Vanity Fair style dining room but, in a small room, chairs and occasional tables can take up valuable space.  If you have an alcove or other kind of nook, try building a simple cupboard to store this furniture in.   These days, there are many options when it comes to space saving beds - which don’t resemble something from your teenage sleepover days.  Raised beds with drawers and storage space can be a life-saver for a tiny bedroom.

Light on the subject

Table lamps can make a room look cosy - but also require a table which takes up space.  Add wall-mounted spot lights to a room instead to add light without taking up floor space.

The appliance of science

We all agree that electric appliances are necessary to our day to day lives - and that they also take up a considerable amount of space.  Retro appliances such as 50s style cookers tend to be smaller than modern appliances so, not only do they look great but they also free up valuable space.

As property prices continue to soar in the UK, particularly within London and other major cities, many of us are resigned to living in small homes.  These few tips will help you to make the most of your small space without going to a lot of expense or undertaking large DIY projects.