A Crafty Start To 2019 With Our DIY Trends

As we head into a new year, many of us will be thinking about a new start - and, with it, new ways to revamp our homes.  A new year is a great time to clear out the clutter and refresh our living spaces.  Sadly, most of us can’t afford to hire a professional to do this for us, so we’ve put together our guide to this year’s cheap and cheerful DIY trends.

A perfect match

For this year, lots of designers are featuring sofas and chairs with matching cushions.  Get in touch with your sofa manufacturer and ask if they have any fabric which you can beg, borrow or steal to make your own cushions.  If you don’t have any luck, scour online auctions and websites to find fabrics in an identical colour.  Making your own cushion covers is quick and easy and there are tons of tutorials on sites such as YouTube to help you on your way.

Out with the old - and in with the old

Decor for 2019 has a cosy and rustic feel - which is good news for your wallet!  Have a go at making your own side or coffee table by getting hold of a pallet (you can buy these used online for less than ten pounds or, if you get in touch with local companies, they may let you have one for nothing).  If you wish, you can add legs to your table - and these can be bought cheaply either online or from homeware stores.  Grab some paint in a muted grey or brown and you’ve got a new feature table for less than the price of Sunday lunch.

Heading into the future

Making your own headboard can give your bedroom an instant, much needed lift as well as giving you a project for those cold, dark evenings.  All you need is a piece of plywood which you can pick up really cheaply from a hardware store, and some fabric or other kind of covering.  When making your own headboard, you can be as creative as you like - adding beading, sparkles or fringing.  If you prefer a more rustic look, get hold of an old door or fence post and sand and paint it for a classy, natural look.

Art for art’s sake

Adding a fabric feature wall is a great way to give any room an instant update - and the good news is that it’s super quick, easy and cheap.  Depending on your taste, choose a fabric which complements or clashes with your room’s existing decor - a bright floral pattern works great with otherwise plain walls.  Grab a piece of plywood and cut it down to the size of your feature wall and then tack the fabric onto it and then attach to the wall.  It’s really that simple!

A clean sweep

A tired fireplace in a living room or bedroom can be made super chic for next to nothing.  Try adding tiny mirrored tiles for a bit of sparkle or, if you have a brick fireplace, give it a shabby chic feel by ‘antiquing’ it with some wet mortar - check out tutorials on YouTube as this can be a little tricky but looks great.

A grand entrance

Updating doors is a great way to give your home a new look.  If your living room decor is light or plain, painting the door in a bright shade adds a colour pop which livens up the room without being overwhelming.

It’s the little things

While you’ve got your DIY hat on, don’t overlook the niggly little jobs that you’ve been putting off forever.  You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes once you’ve touched up those chipped skirting boards or replaced that torn piece of wallpaper.  If you can, set aside a day to fix all those little things which spoil the overall effect of your lovely home.

Although you may not see yourself as a creative person or a DIY expert, these are just a few things that anybody can do and, not only will your home look great but, you’ll have the satisfaction of having done it yourself!

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