Is Hygge over or is it still a stylish interior trend for 2019?

Hygge interior design ideas have been a popular feature in homes for the past few years. This concept is typically associated with winter décor themes and adds warmth, cosiness and general contentment to your living spaces.

In the colder months, it’s really easy to incorporate this theme into your décor. Everything from plush throws to wood-burning stoves conjures the image of the Danish lifestyle. But how does this translate into a year-round design idea?

Hygge for spring and summer

This design trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast in 2019. So it’s the perfect time to transition your cosy winter themes into bright and airy springtime ambience. There are several ways to incorporate Hygge this spring and summer, and you don’t need a roaring fire to do it.

Take a look at these simple and affordable ways to Hygge your home for the coming season:

Bring the outside-in

One of the most prominent features of the Hygge lifestyle is the effects of nature and natural spaces. A great way to incorporate this into your home is simply by placing plants and flowers in each room. Sweet scents and blooms is a great reminder that spring is on its way, plus it makes your home feel fresh and vibrant as the warmer months approach.

For those that prefer low-maintenance options, there are plenty of hardy indoor plants and succulents that create the perfect Hygge atmosphere.

Lighten the mood

Spring is the ideal time to lighten your décor with muted tones and neutral palettes. However, this doesn’t mean you have to remodel your home completely. As natural tones work with a range of colours, you can start to transition lighter fabrics and texture into your living spaces. You could choose small accessories such as throws and pillows to add a refreshed look to your living room or opt for new bedding in spring shades to brighten your boudoir.

Lighting is another way to add Hygge to your home, and pretty lampshades and candles will create the perfect ambience.

Minimalist interiors

Another feature of Hygge is harnessing the power of minimalism. This concept allows you to fully embrace your living spaces without the clutter and distraction of material possessions. So as spring approaches, it’s the ideal time to completely spruce up and declutter your home.

Making small changes such as removing bulky furniture and organising your storage space could help open up a room. This, in turn, will make it feel light, airy and spacious to help create a calm and enlightening atmosphere.

Hygge in your garden

The low maintenance vibes of Hygge can also be incorporated into your garden space especially if you have limited room to work your green-fingered magic. Minimalist planting and shrubbery are ideal for creating a tranquil and relaxing area.

For those that don’t have a garden or are limited to a courtyard spot, there are also some planting options for you too. Pot plants and flowers can fit in small spaces including window ledges, so there’s no excuse not to bring Hygge into your garden and home this spring.

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