How can you make recycling easier in your house?

It’s Global Recycling Day on the 18th of March, so we’ve put together this quick guide to improving recycling in your home. Do your part to help us make the most of our planet by implementing a few easy steps at home.

Who’s the “recycling expert” in your home?

Not everything can be recycled. But who knows what can be turned into useful new goods, and what needs to be sent to landfill? Which materials go in which box, and what will they be turned into? If you’re the “recycling expert”, you can give anyone in your home a little bit of advice on what they can do with old cardboard, metals, plastics and more. For instance, there are 6 different categories of plastic - do you know your HDPE from your LDPE, and which one can be recycled? Knowing a bit more about recycling makes it a rewarding process, so take some time to do your research.

Involve the Kids

Understanding what you’re doing and why turns recycling from just another chore into something you can take pride in. If you have children, teach them about what can be made from different types of recycled materials. Ask them to draw pictures to show what can be recycled and what can’t, what can be made from different things, and to keep track of how much you’re recycling each week. Offer to treat them if you manage to recycle a certain amount of material per month; this is a sure way to get them helping with cleaning and sorting different used containers.

Make it Easy to Sort

Council-supplied recycling boxes aren’t exactly the easiest things to have in your home. To make sorting your recycling materials easy, try building your own system. One easy and straightforward way to keep different bins separate is to mount them one above another; this guide shows you how to install vertical bin support cleats with just a few lengths of wood and some basic hardware.

Save Space by Squashing Cans and Bottles

Whenever you put empty cans and bottles in your bin, you need to crush them to save space. Stomping on cans gets old quick, though, and isn’t a particularly easy way of dealing with the problem. Instead, why not pick up a can or bottle crusher? There are plenty of different systems available, some of which are freestanding and others which can be mounted to a wall for easy use. This makes crushing used tins easy, safe, and reliable, so you can always maximise space in your recycling bin.

Making a Change in 2019

Make March the 18th a date in your diary for improving how you recycle materials around your home. Take it from us, it doesn’t have to be hard; recycling can be easy and even fun, if you know how to do it.