Spring Cleaning Guide

The 20th March marks the first day of spring, and although the weather may not represent a glorious spring day, it’s never been a better time to address those jobs around the house. Tackling a spring clean isn’t just great for your home; it’s also beneficial for your health too. Decluttering has been reported to re-energise you and relieve feelings of anxiety and stress. A deep clean is also ideal for those that suffer from allergies, as dust and impurities can aggravate symptoms.

So if you’re ready to give your property a new lease of life and get ready for spring, check out these cleaning tips for a happy and healthy home.


Having a clear out is probably one of the most important jobs in your spring clean. It not only organises your home, but it also gives it a fresh new look for the season. It can be challenging to know what to get rid of. However, using a guide such as ‘if you haven’t used in 6 months’ could be a good start. You don’t have to throw it out either. Why not put any unwanted items up for sale on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Preloved. This way someone else will get some good use out of it, and you could make some money too.

Clean your windows

Cleaning windows can be an arduous task and to tackle the outside surfaces, you may need the help of a professional to reach higher-level panes. For the inside, using vinegar-based sprays can offer a streak-free shine. It’s also a good idea to avoid cleaning them in direct sunlight, as this can cause marks and streaks.

Tackle the oven and cooker hood

Another chore that is often left as a last resort is your oven. However, it’s helpful to clean it regularly; otherwise, you’ll just be cooking baked on food for months on end. If your oven needs some TLC, a simple wipe down might not cut it. If your oven doesn’t have a self-cleaning function, tackling burnt-on grease and food is going to need some elbow grease. There are several products available that soften hard to remove grime making it easier to wipe clean.

Cooker hoods are built to reduce grease and cooking smells from your kitchen, so it’ll come as no surprise that they can get filthy. You may need a strong cleaner to tackle the built-up surface grime. But it’s also advisable to check the filter if you can access it, and clean or replace it regularly.

Don’t forget your cupboards and the fridge

Who would have thought that just storing food in your cupboard or fridge could be so messy! That crushed biscuit at the back or some cheese you forget lurking in the fridge could be the reason for odd smells and in extreme cases, unwanted houseguests (mice and pests). Grime and grease from cooking can also work its way onto cupboard doors even though they look relatively clean. So just using a light cleaner and damp cloth will remove any residue.

These are just some of the areas to tackle your spring clean. To make your deep clean easier, why not create a schedule of things to do and get the whole family involved too.

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